who am i?

i'm hystrix!! a lime name for a citrus-y person.


-listening to music. cliche, but yeah.

-food, both eating and cooking. i make good food because i get serious, so i see no problem! i especially like making chinese food and korean food, but i find that i'm better at making western-style soups and pastas.

-gemstones. i dont think gemstones have magic powers tho, thats mad weird.

- the occult. YEAH YEAH ik i just said gemstones can't heal but i think ghosts r cool ok?? leave me be

why make da funny website doe?

okay real talk: the internet is v uniform and kind of boring.. like its not people friendly yknow?? making your own website is wayyyyy harder than it has ever been, and for something that is this ubiquitous it has no right to be as inaccesible as it is.


uhhh use my guestbook if you wanna ask about emails/discords lol... i'd be really happy to join an IRC or a webring or something bc i really want to be more involved in making these simple sites and its a bit lonely