call~ me!

your favorite patterned person!

having fun!
this is my website i hope to meet more of you guys soon! :)
mayhaps i might post some of my artwork at some point also i'd really like to plug VISTASERV if you guys want any more "old-stye internet" stuff
finally, i'll be working on a hand-coded GUESTBOOK so keep your eyes peeled for that
btw does anyone if neocities supports sql or if thats a donator exclusive thing? or should i just google that lmao
in other news i just uploaded a doodle so go check it out!! my art page should be in the sidebar
so uh im gonna try some stuff here and i hope you guys like it! if you see anything here that you could pick up and put in your own website, well, i'm glad that i could help you out :) hold on uhhhh lorem ipsum blah blah blah yack yack yack yack